About Us

About PEPA Marketing Sdn Bhd 

Pepa Marketing Sdn Bhd (911781-D), formerly known as DG Media Hauz Sdn Bhd was established in 2010 pioneering in tissue marketing and tissue packaging customization market with acquired the flagship brand, FreeTissue Marketing, which start the tissue marketing business in Malaysia from year 1998, and based its production base and office at Butterworth, Penang.

With a group of passion and innovative peoples in our R&D department, we keen to do the research and marketing survey to understand the market needs, and develop various types of tissues to fulfill tissue marketing market in Malaysia.

We understand that tissue distribution channel is the key point to make tissue marketing campaign success; we established a team specialist in tissue distribution channel called FreeTissue Marketing Road Show and implement the core value of guerilla marketing, assist our clients to create a unique, engaging and thought-provoking concept to generate buzz, and consequently turn viral.

Pepa Marketing Sdn Bhd has extend it scopes of business to napkin supply since year 2012, meanwhile FreeTissue Zone was established at F&B outlets in Klang Valley and Penang to support and enrich the functional of FreeTissue Marketing distribution channel.

With the keen in R&D and production research, we had been achieved in produce wide range of tissue and napkin finished goods in order to supply to the nationwide market, our tissue products are also exported to Singapore, Australia, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.


Our Goal

Become market leader in guerrilla marketing industry, everyone enjoy getting FreeTissue.

Visions & Missions

– To be ASEAN Leading Tissue Marketing Firm providing high quality products to customers

– To promote our guerrilla marketing tools – FreeTissue Marketing through continuous improvement and innovation that exceeds customer expectations

– We embrace diversity, accept challenges, adopt international standards and good business practices and at the same time, hope to inspire the rest to follow suit.