How FreeTissue Work?

How FreeTissue Marketing Promote Your Products/Brand?

FreeTissue Marketing are extremely useful for Exhibitions, Street handouts, Point of sale, In-store promotions, Direct mail and Postings.

Businesses that can benefit from FreeTissues Marketing

  • High Street 
    Banks, Mobile phone retailers, Estate agents, Hair dressers and beauty salons, Restaurants and takeaways, Cosmetic retailers, Pharmacies, Travel agents, Bars and clubs.
  • Health & Beauty 
    Pharmaceutical companies, Cosmetic suppliers and manufactures, Dentists, Hospitals and clinics, Sport Gyms.
  • Exhibition & Events 
    Exhibitors, Event organizers, PR companies.
  • Transport & Tourism 
    Airlines, Long-distance Coaches, Hotels, Sightseeing Tours, Taxi Companies.
  • Other 
    Government, Charities, Help lines, Online Shops.

Handouts, Giveaways 

  • Awareness Campaigns, Street handouts, Sale Promotions
  • Exhibitions, Trade Fairs & Conferences, Handouts at venues

Direct Mail, Postings

  • Add a Free Tissue to your direct mails to increase positive response and offer a favorable impression.
  • Alternative postings for Estate agents, Pizza deliveries and Takeaways.
  • Invitations, Seasonal Greetings.


  • Point of sale material, In-store promotions.
  • Express thoughtfulness by placing in your reception area.

Increase Customer Loyalty

  • Insert a coupon to increase response and customer loyalty.


  • You can mention more than just a logo or website.