Why FreeTissue?

Why FreeTissue Marketing? (Statistic of FreeTissue Marketing) 

Research shows that only 4.2% of all those given a leaflet actually keep it. This compares to a staggering 81.6% of people who read and keep Free Tissues.

Not only that but people are happy to receive a free tissue pack. Rather than feel obliged to take a leaflet.

This makes Free Tissues a very cost effective way of advertising. In order to ensure that 10,000 people actually took a leaflet with them, you would have to distribute over 200,000 leaflets. With Free Tissues you only have to distribute 12,500 packs.

1. More people will keep & read your Advert ! 

Did you know ONLY 4.2% of people keep leaflets & flyers for more than 1 day ?

Think about when you are given a leaflet.

How long do you keep one?

Leaflets may be good for some businesses, but why not try something that lasts longer.


With Free Tissues, 20X more people (81.2%) would keep your Advert for more than 1day.

Why would 20 times more people keep your Advert?

One of the reasons is that tissues are a useful item for anybody.

79.6% say that a pocket size tissue pack would be either “Useful” or “Very Useful” to them in their daily lives. In other words, “Free Tissues” are useful adverts, which make people use them and keep them for longer.

2. More people will want to take your Advert !

With Free Tissues, 4 x more people say they will be encouraged to take an advertisement.

When purchasing a promotional item, many people overlook the distributional value of the product.

In other words, how easy (or difficult) is it going to be to get your message across to your target audience? The easier it is the less it will cost!

As you can find, Free Tissues is more than 4 times more efficient than a leaflet, which is another reason it is such good value for money.

3. People will feel positive about your Advert !

Free Tissues are “Appreciated Freebies” in comparison with other giveaways.