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7 ways to reuse a tissue box

1. Store your plastic carrier bags in them. Even though we have what feels like 1001 eco bags, plastic bags still seem to work their ways into our lives. We keep a tissue box filled with carrier bags in the boot of our car because it keeps them nicely compact in a small space and the hole makes it easy to pull out a couple when on the go.

2. Chop up that decorative card into various shapes to make gift tags. Team with some complementary ribbon and you’re all set.

3. Use as scrap paper rather than just binning it. We use them to jot down a quick shopping list or directions. It’s always best to try and get at least one further use out of everything you use.

4. Grab those craft scissors again and cut into thick rectangle strips for a simple and easy bookmark. If you’re feeling very crafty you can jazz it up a little with ribbon, lace, paints or sequins.

5. Cut off the lid portion and use (with others) as a way to organise your desk or make up drawer.

6. Remove the top part of the box, put some soil inside, pop some seeds in and allow to germinate in this handy little box. The box is biodegradable so you’re able to plant this box once the seedlings are well developed and sturdy.

7. Keep them in the front of your car (an in the back too if you have children) to be used as an easily removable bin for all of those sweep wrappers and fruit peel.

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10 Reasons to choose for Tissue-Pack Marketing/Advertising

10 reasons

1. High Retention Rate
In comparison with a standard flyer, people will not discard the tissue pack in the nearest trash can. The consumer will hold the tissue pack and will read your message for sure.

2. Versatility
Tissue Packs can be used for different activities or actions: to raise brand awareness, for promotional activities, as a campaign support or as a marketing tool itself. The choice is for which purpose you use them is yours!

3. Wide Reach & Circulation
When someone receives a Tissue Pack, they will either use it themselves or they will pass it to someone else. They will certainly share your message!

4. Easy to Produce
The production and delivery of Tissue Packs is very fast: 10,000 Packs can be produced and delivered within 2-3 weeks. So you can integrate them very fast in your campaigns such as events or exhibitions (fairs).

5. Frequency
Investigation has shown that your message will be read 5 to 8 times before the Tissue Pack is thrown away. Which is much better than an ad in a newspaper or magazine.

6. Cost Saving
You will save a lot of media costs, it’s an affordable marketing tool to consider.

7. Visibility & Exposure
People who’ve received a Tissue Pack are likely to share and show this product to others. This way you message will be shared and reach a lot of people.

8. Easy Distribution
The distribution of Tissue Pack is easy, fast and practical. The product can be distributed at point of sales, the reception, free-standing displays, hostesses on the street, at an event, … .

9. 100% Acceptance
Because tissues are so useful people always accept this giveaway and your message will be read for sure!

10. Minimal Pollution
Only when all tissues are used, the pack will be thrown away but if they are interest with your message/promotion will be kept for further action.

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Participant in MIGP 2013

Introduced FreeTissue Marketing in Malaysia International Gifts and Premiums Expo at KLCC, we experienced very great response and feedback from expo participants, thank you.


Radio Station 988 CNY Promotion

FreeTisue distribution by Famous DJs from Radio Station 988, red fm, and 988 Happy Cruiser team members

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FreeTissue Distribution in Food Fair PWTC

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FreeTissue Distribution in Progress

Some photos taken during FreeTissue distribution for our clients. People enjoy to receive FeeTissue.